Engineering, Procurement &Construction (EPC)

Engineering, Procurement &Construction (EPC)

Our Engineering capabilities cover the process, civil, marine, and instrumentation fields in the Oil and Gas Industry. We have competencies to handle every project pre-design, design, construction, start-up, operations/maintenance stages. We combine our in-country technical expertise with the support of our technical partners in executing our engineering projects. Our service areas are;

  • Civil Construction.
  • Measurement, Instrumentation and Control Services.
  • Pump and Valve Services.
  • Marine and Offshore Services.


In civil construction, OCI is one of the most reliable companies in the Oil and Gas Industry. We have built a strong reputation for delivering quality services, on time and at a competitive price. We pride ourselves on being skilled and experienced in all aspects of civil construction. We have been providing safe, sustainable, and smart solutions since 2010.

Pump and Valve Services

  • Valve Maintenance, Repair, and Inspection.

We offer replacement parts for most popular makes of industrial engines and compressors presently in service in the energy industry. Our extensive inventory includes replacement parts which include:

  • Compressor Valve Parts.
  • Compressor Cylinders.
  • Gaskets and O-rings.
  • Connecting Rods.
  • Engine Rods.
  • Valve Train Components.
  • Power Priston Rings.
  • Pressure and Wiper Packing.
  • Rod Bearings and Bushings.
  • Compressor Cylinder Components.
  • Power Cylinder Liners.
  • Rods and Wrist Pins.
  • Fuel and Air Valves.
  • Pump and Technical Services.

We have the engineering know-how and physical resources to address changing system requirements and problematic equipments. Our services cover;

  • Hydraulic Re-rates and Upgrades.
  • Mechanical Upgrades and Retrofts.
  • Materials Upgrades.
  • Analytical and Diagnostic Services.
  • Reliability and Energy Improvement.
  • Asset Management.

We have implemented solutions that increases pump efficiency. Other Mechanical Upgrades include:

  • Increased Rotor Stiffness.
  • Bearing Housing and Bearings.
  • Mechanical Seal.
  • Seal Chambers.
  • Wear ring.
  • Rotating Equipment Maintenance, Repair and Inspection.

We provide a comprehensive range of mechanical and electrical engineering services that covers design, supply, repair, installation, commissioning, installation and maintenance. Our services include repair and refurbishment of:

  • Pumps
  • Blowers & Exhausters.
  • Fan Valves.
  • Booster Sets.

Equipment Leasing

OCI Plan Global handles various aspects of producing a comprehensive hydrocarbon product, measurement, instrumentation and control services. Our services include:

  • Well head gas lifting line installation.
  • Calibration of Fiscal Instrumentation.
  • Installation of Fiscal instrumentation.
  • General arrangement drawing–metering skid and panel.
  • Process and Instrumentation Diagram (P&ID)
  • Basic Design Calculation.
  • Cost estimates for equipment supply, fabrication and manufacture.
  • Preparation of Instrumentation Philosophy documents for submission to the end users.
  • Qualified vendor lists.

Our Deliverables on Instrumentation and Control System are:

  • Functional design specification.
  • Preparation of requisition for the selected manufacturer to allow the GPS to raise a purchase order covering the scope of work.
  • Review manufacturer’s detailed fabrication drawing and work procedure for instrumentation &control systems.
  • Complete detailed design, build and test of instruments and the control panels.
  • Prepare and submit Factory acceptance test (FAT) procedures to GPS for review.


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